Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Finance Knowledge and Experience with Linda Dixon Commodis Peru

Every company requires finance to stay in business. In hard economic times, companies and people see the benefits of diversifying. Many people have added physical gold to their portfolios to secure their wealth. The demand in gold pushes more projects for mining precious metals and other valuable commodities. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru is proud to be a member of a company that develops mining projects.

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru's experience in finance began in 1977 when she started the management training program at the Bank of Nova Scotia. She became a Chartered Accountant and through Price Waterhouse, worked in Toronto, New York, and Sydney, Australia. In Australia, she helped three foreign banks set up their bank operations.

Other experiences included Vice President Corporate Finance in Sydney, Australia where she played a key role of two takeover transactions of corporations and advised on private and public mergers and acquisitions. In 1990, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru returned to Canada for the position of Vice President of Global Investment Banking of Bankers Trust in Toronto. She also helped develop growth strategies for small to medium size businesses. Her experience led her to become a private merchant banker and wealth strategist.

Today, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru's experience helps make Commodis Peru a successful company. With a strong understanding of the economy, she appreciates that people want to protect their wealth with physical gold. Using her insight into global economic trends, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru helps finance projects for the precious metal markets by funding mining projects in Peru. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru not only respects the environmental and community needs in Peru but stays current on their changing mining laws. Gold that sold informally in cash markets are now sold through legal formal markets. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru uses their community relationships to secure gold supply contracts for their investors financial growth.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru Continues Education

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru is dedicated to her business and meeting the needs of her clients. As Director of Commodis, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru focuses on the purchase and sale of physical commodities from Peru.  It is in Peru that Linda Dixon Commodis Peru purchases precious metals and select base metals.

Part of being successful in her field means staying on top of the changing market and economic trends. With years of experience in banking and international business, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru understands that the economy is subject to changing global markets. This includes the increased demand for gold. In order to understand and stay on top of changing markets, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru has diligently continued her education through conferences, seminars and continuous reading of newsworthy matters.

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru has attended over ten conferences since 1989.  One program she attended multiple times was the Accelerated Learning Institute. The programs cover change, leadership, business strategy, and global finance. The different topics are covered in a four day period events.

As a business professional, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru understands there are other areas that she needs to stay up to date on. This includes areas like marketing. One key continuing education program Linda Dixon Commodis Peru attended took place in January 2000. Located in Los Angeles, where she attended the $1Billion Internet Marketing Strategy Setting Summit.

All of the seminars and conferences attended by Linda Dixon Commodis Peru were focused on business. She attended several targeting marketing strategies, effective forms of communication, and others focused on entrepreneurial skills and leadership. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru's continuing education work helped her grow from an assistant management position at the Bank of Nova Scotia to Director of Commodis.