Thursday, 28 March 2013

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru and Metal Mining

Many people look for ways to diversify their portfolios. Recently, many investors have turned to gold or other precious metals to back up their portfolios especially in these hard economic times. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru launched a new program to provide gold direct to end buyers of gold and accumulators of gold. In order to secure a steady supply of gold, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru uses a number of small miners for direct export. 

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru pushes herself to be knowledgeable about all areas of business. As a finance and international business professional, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru often attends conferences and seminars related to business. To stay on top of the mining industry in Peru, she has to stay current on mining issues and mining laws. Recently, Peru changed mining laws requiring informal miners to formalize and channel gold into formal markets. 

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru maintains a focus on the company's mining network. To keep a steady supply of gold, she and others work as a team to understand the communities they work with and the miners themselves. The funding for mining projects come from international investors and all investors are brought to the business by referral. 

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru's focus is not exclusively on gold. Mining projects include silver and other base metals. While Peru is the world's 5th largest producer of gold, the change in mining laws can easily push Peru into the 2nd or 3rd position. 

While securing gold and other metals is important to Linda Dixon Commodis Peru, the company also focuses on the environment and communities their business affects. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru is sensitive to local customs. They want to be a benefit to local communities by minimizing their effect to the environment and pushing for greater health care.   This further enables Linda Dixon Commodis Peru to gain the respect and support of the local communities, a key aspect of being successful in Peru.

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru Respects Mining Communities

Too often capitalists are looked upon as being heartless; caring for nothing more than wealth accumulation. While generating wealth may be the only focus of some companies, it doesn't apply towards all businesses. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru is proud to be part of a company with a strong humanitarian emphasis.
As a business professional, generating revenue for stakeholders and securing funding from investors is important. On a personal level, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru cares deeply for individuals. By nature she is a friendly individual and enjoys working with people. Through Commodis Corporation, she is able to apply her friendly nature with her professional skill set. 

Mining is hard on an environment. The work is hard and physically demanding. Understanding the industry, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru helps the mining communities by improving mining methods and health care and local facilities. This helps the mining communities prosper during the life of a project and after a project is closed. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru also maintains health and safety standards of workers securing positive relationships for long-term supply contracts with their mining communities. 

At the heart, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru secures gold directly from a number of small miners. The company is a direct source for gold and with changing mining laws in Peru, informal miners must now formalize themselves. For Linda Dixon Commodis Peru, this means being able to purchase this gold through formal markets instead of the previous informal community based markets. 

While the change in mining laws affect all gold communities in Peru, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru will utilize their strong base to help secure long term supply contracts. With the demand for gold increasing, these relationships and contracts will grow increasingly important. But Linda Dixon Commodis Peru is determined to not lose focus on caring for the individual miners and their communities by improving health care and caring for the environment.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru Has International Finance Skills

Linda Dixon possesses years of international business experience. The bulk of her career was spent working for banks before she got involved in private businesses related to the Peruvian mining sector. For any business to run successfully, the company needs financing. Fortunately, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru brings years of successful international business experience. 

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru is involved in a number of international businesses tied to the gold mining industry in Peru. In 2007, she put her leadership skills to the ultimate test by taking the position of CEO and Legal Representative of the Commodis group of companies. In 2009, she took the additional role of Director. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru combines two passions through Commodis Corporation: international business and humanitarian work. Commodis Corporation believes in being environmentally friendly and aiding the community with health care and sustainable projects. 

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru's work is to help investors secure the physical gold they need to help keep their portfolios secure. Protecting wealth and building value is a key focus for Linda and the company.  She also understands that securing gold and wealth for stakeholders means securing financing. Through the companies she works for, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru helps find financing for mining projects. 

 While visibility is important for many businesses, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru's business operates through referrals. However, the company does maintain an online presence. is the company's website for international investors.  The website shares the company's mandate, who makes up the company, and the projects the company focuses on. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru focuses on resources like gold, silver, and other base metals. 

The project section of the website invites project owners to contact the company for funding information. While the purpose of the company is to secure gold, the company is dedicated to mining responsibly. The company is driven towards wealth generation but prides itself on caring for the mining staff and investors alike. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru knows this makes her company one investors can take pride in.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru Believes in Humanitarian Responsibility

There is little doubt that businesses effect the environment around them. Some industries have a larger impact than others. While the retail store downtown may not leave much of an environmental impact, other industries such as the mining industries can have a tremendous impact. Not only do these industries leave an imprint on the environment, but the communities surrounding the mining industry as well. 

With recent declines in world currencies, many investors see the benefits of adding physical gold or other precious metals to their finance portfolios. This led to an increased demand of precious metals. For countries like Peru, this means an increase in gold sales. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru understands this is why Peru changed their mining laws. Instead of gold sales through community markets, gold will sell through legal formal markets. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru sees this contributing to Peru's boost from 5th largest producer of gold to perhaps, the world's 2nd or 3rd gold producer. 

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru and the company want to secure gold for interested parties while contributing to the wealth of the community. The company holds three assets for success. First, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru believes in a strong community understanding and strong community relations. The second asset is maintaining a strong relation with the mining community. The third key asset is maintaining a technical understanding of the laws and procedures to evaluate and operate a mine and business. 

These three key assets help Linda Dixon Commodis Peru maintain a strong base to secure a steady gold supply for investors. As a direct source for gold, maintaining a gold supply is important for the company she represents. While attaining gold is the goal of the company, the company wants to be responsible and perform its business in compliance with local and international laws. This means being environmentally friendly and bringing health care and sustainable economic micro-based community projects to the mining communities.

International Business and Linda Dixon Commodis Peru

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru is extremely active in the mining industry in Peru. She is involved in multiple companies related to the mining industry. In 2007, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru became Legal Representative of the Commodis group of Peru companies.  In 2009, she started a second position as Director of  Commodis.  Commodis is a company directed towards garnering attention from international investors for gold mining projects. 

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru's work is focused on mining projects in Peru and securing gold for investors and stakeholders.  She expertly manages international business today after years of experience.  From 1979 to 1995, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru worked for different banks and their international business projects. Her last bank position was Vice President of Global Investment Banking for Bankers Trust in Toronto, Canada. She held the position from 1990 to 1995.  

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru's formal education began at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada where she earned her degree in finance and marketing. She then attended University of Toronto to take audit, accounting, and tax accredited courses for Chartered Accountant designation. She embarked on a banking career with Bank of Nova Scotia, Price Waterhouse in Toronto, New York, and Sydney, Australia before returning to Canada to work as Vice President of Global Investment Banking at Bankers Trust.
She got involved in private merchant banking to structure finance and also as a wealth strategist and speaker before finally deciding to focus on the Peruvian mining sector for silver, gold, and select base metals. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru is a direct source for gold. Her company works directly with local mining communities to secure a steady supply of gold even with changing mining laws in Peru channeling informal gold markets into a formal gold market.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru Has Metal Mining Knowledge

Having vast knowledge in a particular field often qualifies an individual as a professional. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru has years of experience in international business and is considered by many to be a business professional specializing in small to medium sized business and international business. Her years of experience and expertise were earned through years of work in the finance sector and more recently in the Peruvian mining sector. 

Recently, Peru changed their mining laws and Linda Dixon Commodis Peru knew that continued success in the country meant the company had to work within those laws. In many cases, the company works to not only meet the work safety standards and humanitarian efforts of the industry, but surpass them. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru's understanding of the Peruvian mining industry extends to the local communities as well. By laying a strong community base, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru has been able to secure long-term supply contracts for gold. 

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru works to not only secure a steady supply of gold for community investors, but she also maintains a strong focus on funding and operating the production of gold and silver. With the decline of many world currencies, the demand for gold rapidly increased. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru's knowledge of foreign markets and international business led her to seek work in companies that funded mining projects. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru buys gold and sells to investors. 

The method Linda Dixon Commodis Peru used to buy gold recently changed. The change in Peruvian mining laws meant the company had the unique opportunity to buy gold through the informal cash based markets now being required to be sold through formal markets. Peru changed the informal community gold markets to a nationally channeled legal market. However, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru still maintains strong relations with the local mining communities to secure the company's continuing supply.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Acquire Gold with Linda Dixon Commodis Peru

With the decline in world currencies, many people and investors have seen the benefits of adding physical gold or precious metals to their portfolios. The push for gold to back currencies have pushed the value of gold. The demand in gold also increases the demand for gold mining. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru has a clear understanding of global economic trends and became involved in the precious metal industry in 2007.

Since becoming involved in the precious metal sector of finance, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru has worked to help investors buy gold, silver, and base metals. Not only do they buy and sell gold and other metals, but Commodis Corporation keeps a strong emphasis on the humanitarian side of mining projects. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru believes strongly in humanitarian efforts.

The belief that Linda Dixon Commodis Peru and the company maintain is mining wealth responsibly. This means respecting the environment that is being mined and taking care of the mining community. It is the belief of the company that community prosperity is achieved by improving health care and initiating sustainable economic projects. While the goal of the corporation and Linda Dixon Commodis Peru is to build wealth for stakeholders; health and safety of the project workers are just as important to the company.

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru is proud to be part of a team dedicated to acquiring gold for stakeholders. As a friendly humanitarian driven individual, she also appreciates the environmentally and people friendly focus maintained by the company. For investors who want to add gold to their portfolio and want a clean conscious while doing so, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru recommends turning to Commodis Corporation for a direct source to acquire gold and for funding projects and investment opportunities. She continues to use her knowledge and insight in global banking. She strongly believes that Peru will grow and continue as one of the world's gold suppliers.