Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru Believes in Humanitarian Responsibility

There is little doubt that businesses effect the environment around them. Some industries have a larger impact than others. While the retail store downtown may not leave much of an environmental impact, other industries such as the mining industries can have a tremendous impact. Not only do these industries leave an imprint on the environment, but the communities surrounding the mining industry as well. 

With recent declines in world currencies, many investors see the benefits of adding physical gold or other precious metals to their finance portfolios. This led to an increased demand of precious metals. For countries like Peru, this means an increase in gold sales. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru understands this is why Peru changed their mining laws. Instead of gold sales through community markets, gold will sell through legal formal markets. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru sees this contributing to Peru's boost from 5th largest producer of gold to perhaps, the world's 2nd or 3rd gold producer. 

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru and the company want to secure gold for interested parties while contributing to the wealth of the community. The company holds three assets for success. First, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru believes in a strong community understanding and strong community relations. The second asset is maintaining a strong relation with the mining community. The third key asset is maintaining a technical understanding of the laws and procedures to evaluate and operate a mine and business. 

These three key assets help Linda Dixon Commodis Peru maintain a strong base to secure a steady gold supply for investors. As a direct source for gold, maintaining a gold supply is important for the company she represents. While attaining gold is the goal of the company, the company wants to be responsible and perform its business in compliance with local and international laws. This means being environmentally friendly and bringing health care and sustainable economic micro-based community projects to the mining communities.

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