Thursday, 28 March 2013

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru Respects Mining Communities

Too often capitalists are looked upon as being heartless; caring for nothing more than wealth accumulation. While generating wealth may be the only focus of some companies, it doesn't apply towards all businesses. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru is proud to be part of a company with a strong humanitarian emphasis.
As a business professional, generating revenue for stakeholders and securing funding from investors is important. On a personal level, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru cares deeply for individuals. By nature she is a friendly individual and enjoys working with people. Through Commodis Corporation, she is able to apply her friendly nature with her professional skill set. 

Mining is hard on an environment. The work is hard and physically demanding. Understanding the industry, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru helps the mining communities by improving mining methods and health care and local facilities. This helps the mining communities prosper during the life of a project and after a project is closed. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru also maintains health and safety standards of workers securing positive relationships for long-term supply contracts with their mining communities. 

At the heart, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru secures gold directly from a number of small miners. The company is a direct source for gold and with changing mining laws in Peru, informal miners must now formalize themselves. For Linda Dixon Commodis Peru, this means being able to purchase this gold through formal markets instead of the previous informal community based markets. 

While the change in mining laws affect all gold communities in Peru, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru will utilize their strong base to help secure long term supply contracts. With the demand for gold increasing, these relationships and contracts will grow increasingly important. But Linda Dixon Commodis Peru is determined to not lose focus on caring for the individual miners and their communities by improving health care and caring for the environment.

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