Tuesday, 19 March 2013

International Business and Linda Dixon Commodis Peru

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru is extremely active in the mining industry in Peru. She is involved in multiple companies related to the mining industry. In 2007, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru became Legal Representative of the Commodis group of Peru companies.  In 2009, she started a second position as Director of  Commodis.  Commodis is a company directed towards garnering attention from international investors for gold mining projects. 

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru's work is focused on mining projects in Peru and securing gold for investors and stakeholders.  She expertly manages international business today after years of experience.  From 1979 to 1995, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru worked for different banks and their international business projects. Her last bank position was Vice President of Global Investment Banking for Bankers Trust in Toronto, Canada. She held the position from 1990 to 1995.  

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru's formal education began at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada where she earned her degree in finance and marketing. She then attended University of Toronto to take audit, accounting, and tax accredited courses for Chartered Accountant designation. She embarked on a banking career with Bank of Nova Scotia, Price Waterhouse in Toronto, New York, and Sydney, Australia before returning to Canada to work as Vice President of Global Investment Banking at Bankers Trust.
She got involved in private merchant banking to structure finance and also as a wealth strategist and speaker before finally deciding to focus on the Peruvian mining sector for silver, gold, and select base metals. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru is a direct source for gold. Her company works directly with local mining communities to secure a steady supply of gold even with changing mining laws in Peru channeling informal gold markets into a formal gold market.

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