Thursday, 28 March 2013

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru and Metal Mining

Many people look for ways to diversify their portfolios. Recently, many investors have turned to gold or other precious metals to back up their portfolios especially in these hard economic times. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru launched a new program to provide gold direct to end buyers of gold and accumulators of gold. In order to secure a steady supply of gold, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru uses a number of small miners for direct export. 

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru pushes herself to be knowledgeable about all areas of business. As a finance and international business professional, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru often attends conferences and seminars related to business. To stay on top of the mining industry in Peru, she has to stay current on mining issues and mining laws. Recently, Peru changed mining laws requiring informal miners to formalize and channel gold into formal markets. 

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru maintains a focus on the company's mining network. To keep a steady supply of gold, she and others work as a team to understand the communities they work with and the miners themselves. The funding for mining projects come from international investors and all investors are brought to the business by referral. 

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru's focus is not exclusively on gold. Mining projects include silver and other base metals. While Peru is the world's 5th largest producer of gold, the change in mining laws can easily push Peru into the 2nd or 3rd position. 

While securing gold and other metals is important to Linda Dixon Commodis Peru, the company also focuses on the environment and communities their business affects. Linda Dixon Commodis Peru is sensitive to local customs. They want to be a benefit to local communities by minimizing their effect to the environment and pushing for greater health care.   This further enables Linda Dixon Commodis Peru to gain the respect and support of the local communities, a key aspect of being successful in Peru.

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  1. I have an investment with you since 2006. I have not heard anything from you for years except for "Happy New Year" memos from Sayda once a year with updates to follow, which never follows. I have tried to contact you through email by replying to those memos, but no response. This is another effort to get a response to questions on my investments: 1)silver 2)CAC. I am hoping that you will contact me and answer my questions so I will feel confident that this is not just another scam. Sharon M.